Handi-Foam 605 Commercial Vehicle Spray Foam Kit

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Handi-Foam Commercial Vehicle is a 1.75 LB. density spray foam and adheres to almost any material and conforms to the surrounding area, making it the ideal solution for commercial vehicle applications. Because this product is a closed cell polyurethane foam, it can also help to reinforce the structure to which it is applied.

  • Approximate yield is 605 square feet at 1 inch thickness (605 BDFT).
  • It can be used to reduce vibration, thus helping to increase the longevity of the vehicle and its parts.
  • developed specifically for use in a vehicle's undercarriage, engine compartment and frame. This particular formulation is black in color, which allows the foam to blend in with the vehicle instead of noticeably standing out.
  • Can also be used to deaden sound, which will help to provide a more comfortable and quiet environment.

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Price: $868.00

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