Handi-Foam 205 E-84 Class 1 Closed Cell Insulation Kit

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Common Insulation and sealing applications include rim joists, band joists, attic critical seals, wall cavities, exterior HVAC ductwork, ceiling, floors, underside of bath tubs.

  • Specially formulated for flame retardency and conforms to the requirements of the ASTM E-84 flame and smoke spread requirements to be rated as a Class 1 building material.
  • The E-84 Class 1 foam formulation is tack-free in less than 60 seconds, is cuttable in 2-5 minutes and cures within 1 hour.
  • Yields approximately 200 square feet at 1 inch thickness (205 Board Ft).
  • Two-component low pressure spray polyurethane foams are packaged with an A-component and B-component cylinder.
  • Each II-205 kit is equipped with a 9.5' long hose.
  • Also included is an 8 pack of nozzles (3 fan & 5 cone nozzles).
  • The Handi-Gun and nozzles are solvent resistant and can be cleaned with approved solvents (refer to Handi Foam Polyurethane Cleaner - item # P10083).

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Price: $335.00

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